PhD Students

I currently co-supervise:

  • Marine Djaffardjy (with Alban Gaignard and Alain Denise), who works on designing and optimizing reusable and reproducible scientific protocols,
  • Rebecca Zucchini (with Chantal Keller and Veronique Benzaken), who works on certifying provenance in Coq,
  • Pierre Andrieu (with Alain Denise), who works on designing graph-based approaches for consensus ranking of massive biological datasets. 

In France, I have co-supervised the following PhD students:         

  • Karima Rafès (with Serge Abiteboul), who worked on designing platforms for datasets and query sharing and defended on January 25th 2019. 
  • Bryan Brancotte who worked on Consensus ranking techniques to rank Biological data (co-supervised with Alain Denise) and defended on September 25th 2015 (now research engineer at the French Institute of Bioinformatics).
  • Jiuqiang Chen defended on Oct. 2013. His thesis was about Designing scientific workflows following a structure and provenance-aware strategy (co-supervised with Christine Froidevaux).

I have participated to the supervision of the following PhD students:

  • J. Starlinger (with Ulf Leser, Humboldt, Berlin),
  • Z. Bao (with Susan Davidson, UPenn)