I am involved in the COVID-NMA project (more in CNRS journal), in which I am in charge of the Data Integration task. Our database is used by several institutions including the World Health Organisation (WHO). We got a first publication in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology [56].

I co-lead the CNRS Prime R2-P2 project on reproducible and reusable scientific protocols to analyze massive biomedical datasets.

I am involved in several FAIR workflow initiatives (invited talk at the ELIXIR ECCB workshop 2020, paper in the Data Intelligence journal)

I am the head of GDR MaDICS on data sciences and interdisciplinarity.

I am a member of the board of Data-IA and I co-lead CDS (Center for Data Sciences) of Paris-Saclay. 


Integration of Big and heterogeneous biological and biomedical data

Provenance in scientific workflows, FAIR workflows and data

Querying and ranking biological & biomedical data

Workflow/dataflow design, software engineering, user requirements

Semantic Web, metadata, quality